get the organization you need out of your remodel.

Ahh, the kitchen. It’s an area of the home that gets used the most. A reason why many of my clients want to remodel their kitchen is so they can be more organized. Life just feels easier when you’re organized, am I right? Reconfiguring or expanding your kitchen layout can help create more space and harmony in your favorite area of the house.

One way to instantly add more space is to use frameless cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. Having some extra drawers or cubbies in the island is a smart way to store extra utensils or linens.

Hide small appliances with tilt-up doors, pocket doors which slide in, or tambour doors that roll-up. Utilize narrow spaces to accommodate a spice pullout attached to door in a base or upper cabinet.

Dividers for dishes, bakeware, flatware, and other utensils is an instant way to combat a tangled mess or awkwardly stacked pans.


A place for everything and everything in its place!


Maximize base cabinet storage with a corner drawer with dividers.


Under sink slide-outs make finding cleaning supplies simple because they are easier to see.


Adding organizers to the inside of doors instantly adds shelving space and is great for frequently used items.


Floating shelves can add extra organization space or be used to display some favorite pieces.


We hope these tips gets your creativity flowing while planning your remodel! Remember, an organized life is an easier one. ;)