Initial consultation

Typically, the initial consultation is an interview process for both of us; on site we will see the space if it is a remodel or review blue prints if new construction to get a better idea of what the general scope of the project will be. In a remodel scenario, I want to learn a bit about your lifestyle and how this new space will need to accommodate and suit you and your family’s needs, as well as how you use the space and what currently is not working. Or, maybe start with a basic foot print of a new construction plan to personalize and meet your own needs. At this first meeting, we will establish an initial budget for design time/dollars spent on floor plans/designs or finish selection of the space. Then we have a contract that will state the initial start of work that is needed and agreed upon by the designer and homeowner, as well as a rough estimate of lead time to complete those designs.

To the drawing board!

Once we have the preliminary plans drawn, they are typically shared via email and, if desired, a follow up meeting at the home to review the new potential plans. We can meet on site of a new construction, or another meeting with blue prints to discuss changes or finish selections. Once the overall layout is determined, we usually start talking more about physical finishes and materials that will go into the space. I work with local showrooms and have some great sources to find just what you need to create a custom look. I can shop with you if you decide to hire me to help with this part of the process as well!

How much is all of this going to cost?

Once we select materials, we can get estimates on those materials only that are being changed and/or an overall contractor quote from a re-modeler or builder you’d like to work with. I will work with your own builder if you already have one, otherwise I have some great quality contractors and re-modelers that I prefer to team up with to insure a smooth process from design to final installation. Rest assured, you will be provided with quality carpentry, implementation and project management. Interiors by J.Curry is experienced in coordinating and project management scheduling if there is a smaller project we can help with as well. Typically, if there is a contractor involved running the entire project, that is something they would do; although we will still collaborate where needed if coordinating specific design details and execution.